Sunday Afternoon


Went for a meandering drive Sunday afternoon with my wife.

Both above pictures are shot across the fields toward Terre Hill from Weaverland Road

The old steam engine that is used to prep the tobacco beds in the spring sitting between the standing and hanging tobacco.

Love to hear the whistles on these things in the spring.



PatchworkThis morning the air here was super clear, so I took a short detour on the way back to my office and snapped a few pictures.  I was southwest of New Holland.

shedOne Room SchoolOne Room School House.

Old Farm Equipment

More Old farm equipmentThis barnyard area is covered with old farming implements.

Horse teamFarm country

Hoe, Hoe, Hoe

HoeingRail Road Ave. and Huyard Road, North of New Holland

There is a very conservative sect of Mennonites called the thirty-fivers on the north side of town that use very little automated farm equipment .  One of the families that is a part of that sect is right behind my house.

balloon The top shot was taken around 5:00, two hours later I shot this over the same farm a few hundred yards down the road.