Chester County ~ The Road Less Traveled

MorgantownSouth of 23 outside Morgantown

After two decades of running the turnpike from Valley Forge to Morgantown to get to my remodeling jobs in and around Wayne, I decided to get off at Route 100 and take the back roads.  One of my discoveries was Nantmeal and the surrounding townships.  Yesterday my oldest daughter and I took a meandering drive for about two hours talking and exploring the back roads of Chester County.

Old Barn Door Hinge

West Nantmeal Township

Big old steerSaw this epic long-horned shaggy steer in West Nantmeal Township

down in the valleyDrove in a dead-end lane (Drake Road) I have been curious about for years, this picture does not do the sight we saw justice, I need to learn how to capture a valley more dramatically.

DuckCool duck on a little pond along James Mill Road.

Stone Walls and BarnsAlong Nantmeal Road, I love the old stone walls and barns all along this narrow road.

Stone columnsStone columns, there are a number of barns in the area that have these round columns supporting the overhang of the fore-bay.  This barn is on the edge of the village of Nantmeal.

Amish VolleyballWe passed this Amish Volleyball game outside of Honeybrook on our way home.

It was a joyful afternoon, sharing one of my favorite drives with my daughter, discussing her life, and making some new discoveries along the way.  A Sabbath day rest.

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