This blog is an experiment.  I am a professional designer and builder.  My company blog is Design|Build|Remodel.  Here I plan to play with my other passions. The first being my Lancaster County landscape photography.

In the early part of the 18th century the Mennonite ancestors of all four of my grandparents left the religious persecution of Germany to settle in the new world, in the place where I live – Lancaster County.  My daughters are the 13th generation of my mother’s family to live in Earl Township.  I have never been sure if that makes me well grounded or unmotivated.

A few years ago I crested a hill north of the town of Intercourse, PA and looked out across the valley and thought “If I were a tourist I would stop here to take a picture.”  I wasn’t, but I did.  And so began a project, more of a passion, of stopping along the road as I go about my life, to capture photos of the unique place I call home.

Bruce Gingrich




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